The First Ever Female Ibanez Signature Artist: Nita Strauss

Nita Strauss and the specifications of her signature model, the Ibanez JIVA by Metal Goddesses Media Association.

A few days ago, Ibanez Guitars introduced Nita Strauss’ signature guitar, the Ibanez JIVA at NAMM 2018. Guitarsits, pay attention.


Nita Strauss on the specifications of her signature model:

“The Ibanez JIVA is a mahogany S series with a quilted maple black to blonde burst top, Edge Zero-II bridge, and ebony fretboard. The neck profile is shaped like all my touring guitars.. as close as they can get it to the 1991 Super Wizard neck, so it’s super flat and fast!

The neck and bridge pickups are my brand new DiMarzio signature pickups which will come standard on this guitar and also be available from DiMarzio on their own!! I spent a full year designing the sound of these pickups with the amazing folks at DiMarzio and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. Super hot, screaming bridge and equally hot but warm and round neck… the pickups both just SING, and both impeccably not noisy for how high gain they are. The middle single coil is a True Velvet, my all time favorite single coil ever.

Another cool feature about these pickups- the covers make it impossible for the string to get caught under the pickup edge, so it eliminates the need for those little strips of gaff on the side of the pickups that so many of you have asked me about.

The inlay is the “heartbeat” of the guitar just like on my custom… you’ll notice that the EKG spikes correspond to where the fretboard dots would be. I like how the heartbeat naturally gets faster up toward the top frets… after all, that’s where the magic happens. The side fret markers are Luminlays, which means you can charge them up with an LED flashlight like the one on your phone and they glow in the dark. This is a LIFESAVER for me on dark stages and I hope it will be for you guys too!”

(Photos by Allan Zilkowsky and Jodi Photography)