Aline Happ of Lyria launches tribute to Eddie Van Halen & crowdfunding for solo album

The Brazilian singer and songwriter Aline Happ, best-known as the vocalist of symphonic metal band Lyria launches a tribute to Eddie Van Halen and crowdfunding for solo album.

Happ pays tribute to  Eddie Van Halen on her YouTube channel with the song “Little Dreamer”. The guitarist that passed away in early October due to cancer, will always be remembered as a rock icon, being an eternal inspiration for many musicians. The version that has influences of folk and Celtic music, brings symbolisms about following your dreams.

“I wanted to pay tribute to Eddie Van Halen and this song is really full of meaning. Despite not being as well known as others, I really like the message that Eddie left us: never stop dreaming, no matter what others think, you can make your dreams come true with perseverance and hard work,” advises Aline Happ.

Wooden toys, tools, a cake and planting seeds in pots: all of these images bring the idea that we need to have patience and to work hard to achieve our goals. “Children symbolize the development of a dream, of my dream, in this case, of the little dreamer, just like in the song. The cake, for example, needs the right ingredients, you need to follow a recipe, you need to wait for it to grow to finally taste it. All of these elements symbolize our dreams and achievements, because first you dream, imagine and then start taking action to make it real,” Aline analyzes.

The symbology also continues in relation to the rainbow, which brings the idea of reaching what, in the eyes of others, seems impossible. Aline Happ says that with perseverance and dedication it is possible to turn dreams into reality: “We all have been little dreamers, so we should never let our inner child disappear, we should never stop dreaming.”

The quarantine forced artists from around the world to reinvent themselves and look for new ways to promote their work. For Aline Happ, lead singer of the symphonic metal band Lyria, it was the incentive to start a project that had been postponed for a long time: having her own YouTube channel. The initiative that aims to get closer to the fans, and show an unknown side of the metal singer, will now also become a solo album via crowdfunding.

The initiative to count on the help of fans has worked before in the artist’s career. The first time was to release “Catharsis”, Lyria’s debut album, in 2014. With the help of those who believed in the band’s dream, the musicians reached 8K dollars, exceeding the goal. Four years later, it was time to join forces for the album “Immersion”, which followed the same formula of success and surpassed the previous mark, reaching more than 13K dollars, which was also used for the recording of the music video “Hard to Believe”.

The campaign for the launch of Aline Happ’s first solo album, which will feature folk versions of rock songs, is now available on the official Lyria website.


  1. Aline Happ of Lyria never seize to amaze me every time! Loved the tribute to Van Halen due to Eddie Van Halen’s passing. She is currently running a crowdfunding campaigne for her solo album and encourage every fan of making a contribution right away, so long time is still available! 🤘🥰🌹❤🎶


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