Song of the Week

Song of the week (42/2020)

The end of the week is here and so is our ‘Song of the week’ poll! We don’t like to repeat ourselves but damn, this week was, too, filled with amazing new releases. Below, you may find five singles and vote for your favourite piece. And don’t forget to spin the winning song of the latest voting.

The winner of Song of the week #41 voting is: New project She & Her Darkness and their debut track “The Colors Of My Heart” featuring Aeva Maurelle on vocals. Congratulations!

This week, you can vote for:

  • Chaos Rising – Thrive

  • Jinjer – The Prophecy
  • Album: Macro (2019)

  • Mikaela – Chaotic Mind 
  • Album: Nocturne In Red (due out October 28)

  • Nervosa – Guided By Evil
  • Album: Perpetual Chaos (due out January 22)

  • Snow White Blood feat. Lilly Seth – Shared Hearts
  • Album: Hope Springs Eternal (due out November 13)

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