Lindsay Schoolcraft announces the 10th-anniversary album

Canadian vocalist, songwriter and multiinstrumentalist Lindsay Schoolcraft announces the 10th-anniversary album “Worlds Away”. Read more details below.

To celebrate 10 years of music, Lindsay Schoolcraft brings you the album “Worlds Away” – a vocal performance backed by ambient electric harp and a string ensemble. This new album showcases specially selected songs in a new running order to take listeners on a journey through a decade of songwriting highlights.

“The idea of Worlds Away originally sparked during that time of reflection between Christmas and New Years of 2019 to 2020,” recalls Schoolcraft. “I then realized how many of my heavier songs had been stripped down to harp versions while trying to improve my playing skills. Since my teens, I’ve always wanted to record some form of an acoustic album, but I didn’t want it to be predictable with acoustic guitar or piano. Once I discovered that 2020 marked the 10th anniversary of me becoming a solo artist I felt it was time to make this project happen. I immediately got to work and then the pandemic struck and lockdown happened which forced me to focus on this album almost to the point of obsession,” she continues.

Besides Lindsay, you can also hear some other guests on the album, including Rocky Gray with whom she had worked on her debut solo album “Martyr” that dropped last year. She says: “After tracking all of the electric harp I still felt something was missing. That’s when I called on Rocky Gray to contribute some subtle percussion, Dagda came in on viola, and Spencer Creaghan completed this collection with his string work. This album was a labor of love, growth, and reflection.”

“Worlds Away is my gift to the fans during this year of struggle and uncertainty. I may not be able to perform for you in person, but I am able to send you this album as a reminder that we won’t be Worlds Away for much longer,” concludes Lindsay whose debut album received a Juno nomination in the category of Heavy/Hard Sound Album of the Year.


1. Worlds Away
2. Savior
3. Darkness Falls
4. Fading Star
5. Stranger
6. Where I Fall
7. Dance on The Strings
8. Dangerous Game
9. Your Mind
10. Masquerade
11. Warn Me

The album is set to be released on October 9, 2020. You can support Lindsay by contributing to Indiegogo campaign here.

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