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Song challenge: Elizabeth “Eissa” Zhovnerchuk (Morphide)


Welcome to another Metal Goddesses song challenge! This time, we approached Elizabeth Zhovnerchuk, best known simply as Eissa among the audience. Eissa is the vocalist of progressive alternative metal outfit Morphide currently based in Denmark. The band takes inspiration from bands like Northlane, Tool or Tesseract and even though they’re still working on their debut album, they managed to release a bunch of killer singles such as “Queen Of Blame” and “Aftermath” over the years. Morphide also enjoy covering songs, so you can find many of Eissa’s vocal takes on popular metal songs on their Youtube channel. You may have also heard Eissa doing guest vocals for Moldovan progressive act Seas On The Moon. See how she dealt with our Song challenge below. 

A song that needs to be played loud: Northlane – 4D
  • “Especially good when played loud while driving on a highway at night.”

 A song that you love the music video of: Gary Julers – Mad World
  • “It’s not one of those high budget Hollywood blockbusters you would expect. There isn’t even a high quality version on Youtube, but it is a one take music video of children making animated figures on the sidewalk, and it is truly unique. Somehow I can’t take my eyes off it.”

A song you really enjoyed covering: Spiritbox – Holy Roller
  • “It was fully recorded in just 2 hours, easily and flawlessly.”

A song you always headbang to: Polaris – Lucid
  • This song is just pure banger!

A song from Morphide that was challenging to write and record: Akeneo
  • “This song has both low and high screams, and also clean vocals. Chorus has really high vocals that I also tried to make distorted. Interesting fact – I completely re-recorded the whole song twice, because I just could not achieve the desired sound.”

A song from Morphide everyone should check out: Panopticon
  • “It is our latest release, which I find to be the most successful so far.”

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