“A full new album is already in the making.” – Interview with Aura Danciulescu of Scarlet Aura

Hailing from Romania, Scarlet Aura is one of the hardest and fastest working bands on the heavy metal scene. The band has a habit of dropping new material each year and it’s not any different this time around. They released a brand new album “Stormbreaker” this March and, naturally, are already busy with its follow-up, due out next year. And if that’s not crazy enough for you, there’s also a book trilogy “The book of Scarlet” that accompanies Scarlet Aura’s latest two albums from the pen of the vocalist and lyricist Aura Danciulescu.  We caught up with her and covered several topics, including the latest and upcoming album, books, music videos, touring and how labels can’t keep up with them. Read our chat below.

MG: Aura, thanks for speaking to us and congratulations on the signing with Universal Music! How are you doing? 

Aura: Thank you. The collaboration with Universal Music came naturally. The big record labels have their eyes on us for a while now and we’re happy to make this step with those that supported us at our beginnings. I’m really well, enjoying this free year because I know those that are coming will be really really busy with touring and new releases.

MG: Your new album “Stormbreaker” is out since March. How’s been the reactions so far? 

Aura: We had to learn how to get reactions without being on stage and I can say it’s a true experiment. We are blessed to have amazing fans, but for me, there is no reaction like the one we have at the end of our show from those that are at our stage.

MG: Bands usually embark on a tour to promote their new material straight away, but this was taken away from you when the coronavirus had struck. How are you dealing with the situation? You were supposed to be touring around Europe but have to wait till the next year now.  

Aura: Patience is not a virtue of an artist. We wanted all and we wanted it now. So, we feel stuck and breathless. But this all made us stronger and stronger, and eager for comeback. So, make sure to get your tickets for our tour with Primal Fear in February-March 2021, because Scarlet Aura turned into a heavy metal wrecking ball!

MG: You’ve recently dropped two music videos – one for “Battle Cry” and the other one for “The Heretic”. Let’s talk about “Battle Cry” first. Besides the usual scenes with the band, there are also very interesting shots with an actress Daniela Niculae who’s literally battling with herself, or more accurately, her inner self. The variety and her way of expressing all those emotions are really impressive, and I dare to say a very authentic representation of what some people can go through on the inside. Can you tell me a little bit more about the video and how it came together? 

Aura: Daniela is a really talented actress and she really put salt and pepper in this production. Me and Mihai had this vision for a while and we are very happy to share the same vision with the video producer Dragos Toader, with whom we also worked for “The Heretic” video. Being shot in the pandemic times we had to find a closed space and also film with less people than usual. I was also one month after giving birth to my and Mihai’s daughter Sofia. So, everything was challenging and different, but this is what Scarlet Aura is about.

MG: The final scene of the video with Daniela when the black and white image is suddenly replaced with colours is also something that caught my attention. It’s a nice detail and for me also a symbol of the victory. Am I right? 

Aura: You are right. I’m happy that “Battle Cry” got on point and accurate to your mind and heart.

MG: And now about “The Heretic”. You were shooting inside the medieval Rasnov Fortress. How does it feel, to shoot at such a historic and powerful place? 

Aura: I’m a really wild person, so for me it was like filming in my own backyard. I love to take advantage of the surroundings where we work, doing so is amazing and empowering. Of course, Rasnov fortress is one of the best locations we have filmed at, and we recommend you to visit it whenever you’re in Romania Transilvania.

MG: Did you need some special permits from local authorities or follow some rules during the shooting?  

Aura: Of course. It’s a historical citadel, we had authorization and we want to thank local authorities for supporting us and not only us as they support the entire metal industry by hosting the international Rockstadt Festival. 

MG: With “Stormbreaker” you also continue the concept of “The book of Scarlet” trilogy. How did you get to writing in the first place? 

Aura: There are things in life that you must do and that was one of the things for myself. It’s easy to get distracted and I’m saying this while still working on the second book that should have been released a few months back. Like everything else you do in life, with passion, perseverance, writing is also not an easy thing to do. Especially when you have the fans waiting for it. I hope the wait will be worth it and I’ll surprise them in a nice way with “Scarlets United” from the book of Scarlet trilogy until the end of 2020.

MG: What was more challenging for you? Working on the music and lyrics or the book itself? 

Aura: Both of them are challenging, especially when the success of it depends on fans’ reaction. We are professionals and we have to think about them first.

MG: “Stormbreaker” came out just a few months ago, but as far as I know, you’re already busy working on its follow-up. I need to know; how is that even possible? Where do you take all that inspiration and energy to work and release new music so fast? Do you buy these new tracks at a grocery store or something?  

Aura: Yes, the third album from the trilogy is good to be sent to pressing, so be ready for the pre-sales. Mihai Danciulescu is the band’s songwriter and producer, he’s every day in the studio working on new songs and also on the best sound either for recordings or the live shows. This is what he does, it’s his fulltime job and the inspiration must come from his artist spirit, inner and outer experience but also from the need to share with our fans our best side that is music. After he writes the music I follow with the lyrics. I work with Mihai for so many years now and the certainty is that it would have been possible to have two or three releases per year. But since record labels can’t keep up, we have to please ourselves with only one release per year or what the record labels can offer.

MG: This upcoming album will also finish off the trilogy. Do you already know what’s gonna come next for Scarlet Aura? I wouldn’t be surprised if you have planned a whole new saga already. 

Aura: Not a new saga, unfortunately, but a full new album that is already in the making. Maybe in our future interview, we can reveal the name of the album and some of the name of the songs.

MG: Thank you, Aura. All the best and hope to see you on the road next year. 

Aura: Thank You and feel free to join us to our shows, we wish you all the best, have faith in heavy metal and stay loyal to metal stage and to live shows, without which we are lost. Don’t forget that you can purchase new albums and merchandise from

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