Russian extreme metal band Blackthorn accused of suicide propaganda

September 5, Blackthorn’s song “Ternovaya Zima” from their debut album “Gossamer Witchcraft” (2009; Russian version “Аранеум”) was added to the Russian register of the prohibited materials.

This song is credited with the transmission of the suicide propaganda. This means that now Blackthorn can neither play the full version of the song live, nor sell it within Russian territory. Only instrumental version of “Ternovaya Zima” is allowed. This information was published at the official VK page of Roskomsvoboda, the organization defending human rights and the freedom of speech.

Blackthorn is an all-female band formed in Moscow in 2004, by their lead singer Aina, born in Sakha. By 2020, the band has recorded one demo, “The Prologue of Eschaton” (2007) and three full-length albums: “Gossamer Witchcraft” (2009; Russian version “Аранеум”), “Codex Archaos” (2011) and “Witch Cult Ternion” (2015). The band is currently working on the new album. The main themes of Blackthorn’s songs are witchcraft, mystic rituals and spirits.

You can read the English translation of the lyrics  below:

Back to the cold, death and darkness,
Where no one can survive
Winter is gnawing at the skeleton of forests,
The earth is drunk to the last drop

Incarnate, anger, find a body,
Separate, deprive, kill!
Touch me with your icy finger,
Grant immortal sleep

Flocks of white dogs chase her,
Hundreds of scarlet, hungry lights
And I wonder at the gray moon,
Is there human blood in me?

A snowstorm has swept my distant home,
Trapped my senses in ice
If I shout – quiet all around, the wind howls,
I am alone in the world

Open your chest to me
And slit your wrists,
I will live in you forever!

…And will I survive
Days of sorrow and cold?

Permafrost – salvation for hopeless wounds,
Bottomless black spring

In this Northern tomb
The age of torment will end,
Drops of clear, warm tears
The frost will turn them into stones

Neomenia sets in –
The hour for sacrifice
The starlight – even it was gone
In a pool of steel mirrors

Thorn in my heart,
Lead me away,
From the light of the blind sun into the deep night

But I will survive,
I’ll rise then
From blood and ice

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