Conflict announce new album

Russian industrial/death metal band Conflict shares details of their fourth studio album. It’s titled “Decision Code” and drops on October 19. See more details below.

“Decision Code” is a conceptual album featuring 12 tracks, two of them being instrumental pieces. The story takes place in a non-specified European country in the near future of 2048. “Cover art is done by magnificent Pierre-Alain D. and represents a crucial point in the story,” says the band. Booklet of the album will contain a voluminous story and every song would illustrate certain parts of the narrative.

“After getting familiar with the story, you’ll be able to draw parallels from events in the story to certain events in our world. Although the story is completely fictional and any references to people or events are completely coincidental. The story itself was conceptualized in 2017 and is not intended to be interpreted as a documentary piece,” explained the band. 


01. 2048
02. Autonomous
03. Art of Resistance
04. D-Evolution
05. Megapolis
06. Decision Code
07. To Serve and Protect
08. Room 101
09. Speechless
10. The Architect
11. Deadlock
12. New Industrial Order