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STELL/\RIS release their Debut EP “Upside Down”

On Friday 15th April 2022 the Prague band STELL/\RIS released their debut EP called “Upside Down”. It contains a total of five songs, namely tracks called “Echoes of the Past”, for which the band recorded a music video with Jáchym Belcher at the end of last year, “Hell-0”, which was released with a visualizer and then Nicol recorded a one take vocal video, “Vicious Circle” and “Reversal”, which were released on Friday with the entire EP, and finally “Scars”, for which the last music video was made, in collaboration with Rolla Productions. The EP “Upside Down” was created in collaboration with Vojta Pačesný, while Martin Zálešák also participated in the composition of the single “Scars”, and Jonathan Dolese from Konkrete Studios took care of the co-production, mix and master of this song.

The concept of the whole EP, respectively of all the lyrics, is carried in the spirit of feelings, emotions and circumstances that turn people’s lives upside down (hence the name of the EP “Upside Down”). For example, it is the death of a loved one, which is the motive of the song “Scars”, or anxiety or depression, which you can find in the lyrics of the song Vicious Circle. Musically, the band has opened a new chapter in the scene. Modern sound and production, heavy riffs, strewn drums and brutal screams and angelic clean vocals by frontwoman Nicol – you will find it all on the debut EP “Upside Down”. The band surprised their fans in two singles, when in “Hell-0” they only hear screams and growls, while in the single “Scars” the band only bet on clean vocals and thus created their first slow song. The reactions to both singles were absolutely great, so we can definitely look forward to similar stuff in the future.

BIO: STELL/\RIS is a metal band, established in 2019 in Prague, perceptibly influenced on metalcore roots. This four piece band will take you on the journey without any musical boundaries, based on heavy guitars, intense grooves and wide-range vocals of the frontwoman Nicol. In 2020 band released their very first music video single “Find Your Course” which immediately got attention both in Czech Republic as well as abroad. In summer 2021 band performed on Fajtfest festival, one of the major Czech metal events. Now STELL/\RIS has opened a new stage of their existence on the scene with their debut EP Upside Down, which was released on 15th April 2022. Main goal for the band remains original music creation alongside with the ecstatic energy hitting everyone on the shows.






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