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Semblant: European Tour 2020

Brazilian dark/melodic death metal band Semblant just announced a headlining European tour for spring 2020, to support their upcoming album “Obscura”, which is supposed to drop in early 2020 via Frontiers Music Srl.

The band around lead singer Mizuho Lin will tour through 16 European cities in April 2020. They will be supported by the Finnish modern metal band As I May and Italy-based symphonic metal band Secret Rule. 


European Tour 2020 w/ Secret Rule & As I May

02.04.20 – NAMUR, Belvédère 

03.04.20 – ROTTERDAM, Baroeg 

12.04.20 – LYON, Rock & Eat 

14.04.20 – PRATTELN, Z7 

04.04.20 – PARIS, La Boule Noire 

15.04.20 – BERLIN, Music And Freinden 

05.04.20 – WEINHEIM, Café Central 

06.04.20 – LONDON, Underworld 

09.04.20 – LISBOA. RCA Club 

10.04.20 – MADRID, Nazca 

11.04.20 – BARCELONA, Razzmatazz 

3 20.04.20 – MUNICH, Backstage 

16.04.20 – KRAKOW, Zaścianek 

17.04.20 – BRATISLAVA, Randal Club 

18.04.20 – ROMA, Traffic 

19.04.20 – MILANO, Dedolor Music Headquarter

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