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Lyria – Last Forever (Music Video)

Brazilian metal band Lyria presents a brand new music video for powerful ballad “Last Forever”. Watch it below.

Lyria is one of the highlights of the genre in the country and draws attention for its lyrics that encourage improvement through good attitudes, self-esteem and love. In the lyrics of “Last Forever”, the message is to overcome regrets and live a lighter life. Full of hidden meanings, the video was directed by Vinicius Hozara (CS Music Videos).

“You need to accept and overcome the past to be able to live the present and the future, always trying to improve, day after day. Your past has shaped who you are today. You must learn from your mistakes, failures, sadness, and try to be someone even better every day,” advises Aline Happ, Lyria’s vocalist and songwriter, alongside Patrick Happ.

The track “Last Forever” is one of the ballads of the album “Immersion”, released in 2018. Success among fans, the song also brings a series of messages for attentive eyes. The vocalist, who stars in the clip, appears in black and white dresses, showing the contrast between the dark past, the transition from the cloudy present, to a better future. In this last moment, the light-colored clothes symbolize that in the future, problems will be overcome.

The accessories used by Aline also accompany the changes: the necklaces and chokers become more shiny and golden. The choker and the snake-shaped mirror evoke the image of a new beginning, as the snake is able to adapt during life, in the process of changing skin.

“We present the concept of Ouroboros, a snake that swallows its own tail forming a circle and symbolizing the cycle of life. It represents eternity and looking at oneself as a way to evolve spiritually, marked by the absence of beginning and end,” defines Aline.

In the scenes where the full band is present, one can observe the strong presence of the shadows that symbolize the ghosts of the past, which torment those who do not seek liberation. The idea of freedom is visible in the clip and is also described in the song. The mirror bridges the communication between the conscious mind and the subconscious, in search of reflection.

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