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Support artists affected by the coronavirus

Now, of all times, when the whole world’s going through hard times caused by the coronavirus COVID-19, it’s time for us to unite and show our strength. Among others, it’s our beloved artists who suffer great financial losses due to cancelled or postponed tours and shows in these difficult times. [For more insight into the issue, continue reading or watch the video below.] To show our sympathy towards them and the whole industry, we decided to make a list of those affected and provide resources on how to help them. Below, you can find the list of bands with links to their official merchandise stores or crowdfunding/Patreon pages. If you have a chance, this is the right time to buy merchandise, physical records or donate. We need to unite and help our favourite bands to minimize their financial losses and prevent them from going bankrupt or worse. Let’s raise our banners and fight this together! 

Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy posted on her Instagram earlier today: “This is an extremely difficult time for us all. Everyone I know jut had our entire livelihoods erased. A tour involves tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars upfront costs and cancellation means there is no way to make that money back. Artists and entertainers are really in a tough spot right now. If you can, please consider helping out the bands you love by supporting their work in a different way for the time being; by purchasing some of their merch or joining their Patreon.”

Visions Of Atlantis’ vocalist Clémentine Delauney explained the situation in the following video:

The list is incomplete, so feel free to help us keep it updated & most importantly, stay safe!

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