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Eluveitie drop two songs in Russian

Folk metallers Eluveitie have shared two of their songs in the Russian language prior to their Russian/Ukrainian tour in April. 

The first song, the iconic “The Call Of The Mountains”, features the vocals by the almighty Masha Scream of Arkona, who also translated both lyrics. The second song to get the new version is “Ambiramus” from band’s latest album “Ategnatos”. This time, it’s Eluveitie’s Fabienne Erni doing the vocals in the Russian language. Listen to both songs below.


Eluveitie on tour in Russia/Ukraine: 

2.4. – С.-Петербург – Aurora
3.4. – Москва – Arbat Hall
4.4. – Воронеж – Arena
5.4. – Ростов – Arena
6.4. – Краснодар – Arena
8.4. – Новосибирск – Подземка
10.4. – Екатеринбург – Свобода
12.4. – Самара – Звезда
14.4. – Киев – Atlas


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