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Zuberoa Aznárez of Diabulus In Musica releases a new song inspired by the tough times caused by the coronavirus

Spanish vocalist, songwriter and multiinstrumentalist Zuberoa Aznárez, best known as the front lady of symphonic metal band Diabulus In Musica, shares a new song inspired by the dark times in her homeland Spain due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen to “Our Silent Word” below.

Zuberoa commented: “This song was written and recorded at home, during and inspired by the confinement period in Spain, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.” She continues: “It is a calm track inspired by these not very calm days, but hope it helps to calm our spirits… I wrote it thinking about you/us all.”

Music and lyrics of the song were written and recorded by Zuberoa, with video recorded by her life and musical partner Gorka Elso and edited by Zuberoa herself.

Diabulus In Musica have recently dropped a new album “Euphonic Entropy”. Their fifth studio album is self-produced and the heaviest as well as most adventurous one; the band delivers all from power ballads soaked with emotions to killer riffs, smashing drums, infectious melodies and even jazzy and electronic elements. English interlopes with Spanish and, for the first time, their native language Basque. The team around Zuberoa and Gorka has once again created a bombastic experience for all lovers of the symphonic subgenre. You can stream the album here.

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