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Conflict – To Serve And Protect (Music Video)

Russian industrial metal band Conflict unveils futuristic video for “To Serve And Protect”, taken from their fourth studio album “Decision Code”. Watch the video below.

“To Serve And Protect” is taken from Conflict’s new concept album “Decision Code” released in October 2019. “Decision Code” is a conceptual work featuring 12 tracks, two of them being instrumental pieces. The story takes place in a non-specified European country in the near future of 2048.

Vocalist Anna Hel comments: “The story tells about a small state (nation) where there is a confrontation between different social groups and levels of the population. An artificial mind, placed into the plot, emotionlessly analyzed the history of mankind, then developed itself and calculated the algorithm of future actions; it realizes all the futility of human actions and the fact that man has not stepped to a new stage of evolution.”  

The band is focusing on video production at the moment and plans on releasing a short movie for the opening track of the album, “2048”. Anna teases: “We work on several music videos and plan crowdfunding for the track “2048”. This video will be a short science fiction movie telling and describing Decision Code story. The grandiose work includes professional actors and graphics. The project is so colossal that we need huge fan support to implement it into life.” Stay tuned and if you want to find out more about the album, read our interview with Anna here.

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