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Elysian Divide – Love is War (Official Music Video)

Elysian Divide - Love is War (Official Music Video) on Metal Goddesses.

British heavy metal band, Elysian Divide has just released a music video to the first single of their debut album, called “Love is War”.

The band’s lead singer Atashi Tada has already mentioned their new single in a previous interview:

“[…] A terse and critical look at the heart of interpersonal relationships and the sacrifice of the self […]”

Atashi also spoke about their debut album and revealed its release date:

“It took us quite a while to finish it and therefore we are all very excited and also relieved, it’s like a first big milestone for us! The album called “Face behind the Mask” and it consists of 8 original tracks (+ one bonus track). Release is planned on 18th of May, so stay tuned!”

Watch the music video to “Love is War” below.

Source: YouTube
Cover photo by Mihail Jershov