Eluveitie’s Michalina Malisz presents Hurdy Gurdy TV

Earlier this year, Eluveitie hurdy-gurdy player Michalina Malisz launched a blog Ancient Made Present and resurrected her Youtube channel helvetion, as well. Today, Michalina premiered a special show called “Hurdy Gurdy TV”, which is available on her channel. 

“You know guys that I can’t shut up about the hurdy-gurdy and now I made myself a Youtube show so I can talk about it even more,” explains Michalina on her Instagram.

The first episode, in which she talks about her black hurdy-gurdy and Eluveitie stage set-up, is already out and can be seen below.

Don’t forget to watch Michalina’s latest hurdy-gurdy cover of August Burns Red’s track “Martyr”.

Michalina comments: “I’m SUPER pumped to share this cover of August Burns Red “Martyr” with you because I feel like this song is beyond incredible. It was a pleasure to play it. And I just adore this band.”