Ignea will release an instrumental version of their debut album

Ukrainian modern oriental metal outfit Ignea will release a special instrumental version of their debut full-length album “The Sing Of Faith”. Read the details below.

The band started in Kiev under the name Parallax. Intentionally, it was the first Ukrainian band to play oriental metal. However, the band didn’t limit itself to strict boundaries of oriental metal, and soon they included symphonic, industrial, modern, progressive and other modern metal elements in their sounds. Vocally, both melodic singing and growling by frontwoman Helle Bogdanova are characteristic for Ignea. 


In 2013,  the band entered Ukrainian rock and metal studio Morton Studio to record their debut EP “Sputnik”. In 2015, the band finally changed its name to Ignea. Their debut full-length album “The Sign Of Faith” came out in February 2017. Last December, Ignea was nominated for The Best Ukrainian Metal Act awards and entered the top 3 best metal bands in the country.

Now, the band will release the instrumental version of “The Sign Of Faith”, their first-ever full-length album. It will be available on all streaming and digital distribution platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon on December 20th.

“We hope that you will enjoy it and get a chance to dive into the musical part of this album even more,” comments the band. You can watch a music video for “Şeytanu Akbar”, the opening track of “The Sing Of Faith”, below.