Rage Of Light share details of their debut album

Swiss melodic death/ trance metal band Rage Of Light unveils details of their debut album. It’s titled “Imploder” and comes out March 29 via Napalm Records. Read more below.

Hailing from Switzerland, Rage Of Light is an extraordinary musical adventure combining trance music and melodic death metal. The band was founded in 2007 by vocalist/keyboardist Jonathan Pellet who came up with the unique idea to combine the elements of the two above-mentioned musical worlds. In 2015, Evenmore’s vocalist Melissa Bonny and guitarist Noé Schüpbach completed the band.

So far, the band has released one EP titled “Chasing A Reflection” and a couple of covers independently. In May 2018, Rage Of Light signed a worldwide deal with Napalm Records. Their debut album “Imploder” is coming out March 29.

The band comments: “Imploder opens a window on a hypothetical future where the detention of power and the technological evolution have been led by people acting without measuring the consequences. Each song reflects this unique Rage Of Light signature: our own combination of powerful riffs and harsh vocals contrasted by mesmerizing trance touches and clean vocals.”

You can see the cover artwork and album tracklist below.


1. Light
2. Enraged
3. Fallen
4. I Can, I Will
5. Away With You
6. In The Shadow
7. Battlefront
8. Imploder
9. Mechanicals
10. Nothingness