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Walk In Darkness – Time To Rise (Music Video)

Mysterious gothic metallers Walk In Darkness present a music video for their new single “Time To Rise”. Watch it below.

Walk In Darkness are known for their dark approach to music and mysterious image. Combining the melancholy and aggression with melodramatic and epic themed lyrics, this outfit is a must-hear for every fan of gothic metal. Hiding their true identity, the faceless Italian musicians were joined by the vocalist Nicoletta Rosellini, best known for her work with power metal band Kalidia and Vivaldi Metal Project, in 2015.
“Walk in Darkness are a gothic metal band describing the modern human condition and the fate of mankind, sometimes also epic themes, like ancient marvellous cities like Alexandria or Rome. The band prefers to stay in the darkness and not reveal their identities in order to focus the listener on the music and their message,” comments Rosellini.


So far, Walk In Darkness have released two studio albums: “In The Shadows Of Things” in 2017 and “Welcome To The New World” in 2018. The video for their latest single “Time To Rise” is available below.