Song challenge: Aline Happ (Lyria)

Hello everyone! We’re excited to present a new concept on Metal Goddesses titled Song challenge. With this concept, we’re aiming for something special; music connected, obviously, and personal, yet fun. Fun for both- you, our dear readers, as well as the artists themselves. So, hopefully, it turns out to be fun. The rules are very simple; artists are given six (sometimes tricky) occasions or scenarios, and they need to pick one song for each. You might find out what songs are their guilty pleasures, their favourite Disney songs, what songs they’re most proud of or motivate them, what songs they sing in the shower, when driving, cooking or cleaning… It can be anything, really. So get ready to discover a little more about the music taste of your favourite artists! 


The first one to accept our challenge was Aline Happ, the vocalist and songwriter of one of the biggest metal acts in Brazil – Lyria. Together, these symphonic alternative metallers have released two successful studio albums “Catharsis” (2014) and “Immersion” (2018). Lyria tries to help their audience through the power of music and lyrics that encourage people to overcome bad moments and difficulties in life. Aline is currently mostly occupied with renditions of popular rock and metal songs, giving them a folky/celtic/new age essence. These will end up on her first solo album. Now, let’s see how Aline did in our challenge.

A song that motivates you: Disturbed – Indestructible 
  • “It is a very powerful song that motivates you to move on, to fight for your life and to never give in.”

A song that you love the music video of: Linkin Park – Crawling
  • “It was one of the first music videos from them that I saw and I loved the dark atmosphere at the first sight. The music video connects with the lyrics.”

A great collaboration song: Seether & Amy Lee – Broken
  • “This song is really beautiful and catchy. Amy Lee’s voice is amazing!”

A song that is in a different language: Oonagh – Gäa
  • “I love this kind of music. It is very relaxing.”

A song that was really challenging for you to cover: Van Halen – Little Dreamer
  • “Because I did a very different version in a classical crossover style, with folk and Celtic elements. I was also sad to think about Eddie’s death. At least, I believe it was a nice tribute to him.”

A song from Lyria you’re most proud of: Lyria – The Rain
  • “It is not easy to choose just one, but I would say “The Rain”, because it was inspired by a fan’s poem about the Autism Spectrum and a lot of people feel connected with the lyrics. It also helped to enlighten a little about the Autism Spectrum to some people.”

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