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Temtris – Ritual Warfare (Lyric Video)

Temtris, Australian metal band with elements of traditional, melodic, power and thrash influences, unveils lyric video for “Ritual Warfare”. Watch it below.

“Ritual Warfare” is a track taken from Temtris’ upcoming self-titled album “Ritual Warfare” due for release on April 30, 2021 via Wormholedeath.

Temtris combines the best elements of heavy metal and brings them to life with a modern feel. “Ritual Warfare” delivers powerful and soaring vocals, twin guitar harmonies, blazing solos and a crushing rhythm section that drives a catchy chorus leaving you hungry for more.

“Ritual Warfare” features the outstanding musicianship and songwriting skills that Temtris deliver with every album. With 8 blazing tracks, over 45 minutes, full of catchy riffs and choruses, dynamic and dominant rhythm sections and powerful vocals that set this band apart from any other. “Ritual Warfare”, with its Aztec themed artwork, is the complete heavy metal indulgence and is a must for any music fan of power, thrash and traditional metal. 

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