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Serpentyne – Lady Serpentyne (Lyric Video)

British symphonic folk metal band Serpentyne unveils a new single inspired by a poem on the Medusa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. You can watch the lyric video for “Lady Serpentyne” below.

Serpentyne was created by Maggiebeth Sand, inspired by celtic, folk, operatic and cinematic music styles. Serpentyne combines a unique mix of symphonic and folk metal styles, with themed songs about historical figures and legends, such as Boudicca, The Valkyries, Viking Blood, Helen Of Troy, Jeanne d’ Arc, Medusa, Aphrodite, Lady Macbeth, and The Dark Queen, amongst many others. The band’s debut album “The Serpent’s Kiss” (2017) featured mythic & medieval themes, combined with a hard rock metal sound. This fusion won the band its place as finalists in the Metal To The Masses, London contest in 2018. In 2019, Serpentyne signed to Hell Fairy Records and released a new album “Angels of the Night” in November. In October, they premiered a music video for “Angel Of The Night” exclusively via Metal Goddesses. You can watch it here.

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