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Video Premiere: Serpentyne – Angel Of The Night

We are pleased to premiere a music video for “Angel Of The Night” from British symphonic folk metal band Serpentyne. Watch it below.

Serpentyne was created by Maggiebeth Sand, inspired by celtic, folk, operatic and cinematic music styles. The band’s debut album “The Serpent’s Kiss” (2017) featured mythic & medieval themes, combined with a hard rock metal sound. This fusion won the band its place as finalists in the Metal To The Masses, London contest in 2018. In 2019, Serpentyne is pleased to be signed to Hell Fairy Records for the release of their album “Angels of the Night” on November 21.

Serpentyne has been playing extensively around the UK and the rest of Europe. Recent major tours include “A Nordic Symphony” supporting Tarja Turunen and Stratovarious with 22 dates throughout 11 European countries, a hugely successful and well-received tour, again with Tarja throughout Ukraine and Belarus, and touring throughout Europe supporting legendary metal band Soulfly. Moreover, Serpentyne have announced that they will be supporting Tarja in March on her upcoming European Raw tour!

The band is fronted by classically trained soprano singer Maggiebeth Sand, and backed by Lee Willmer on guitar, Nigel Middleton on bass, Vaughan Grandin on bagpipes and John Haithwaite on drums. Serpentyne combines a unique mix of symphonic and folk metal styles, with themed songs about historical figures and legends, such as Boudicca, The Valkyries, Viking Blood, Helen Of Troy, Jeanne d’ Arc, Medusa, Aphrodite, Lady Macbeth, and The Dark Queen, amongst many others.

Their latest single “Angel Of The Night” tells the story of a girl who once had a vampire lover, who “took her life in a sweet embrace.” When she wakes up, her blood is running bitter and cold, and so she goes searching the land, wondering “where her sweet love lies“. You can watch the music video exclusively on Metal Goddesses:


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