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Forever Still – Breathe In Colours (Music Video)

After releasing the first single “Rew1nd”, Danish band Forever Still drops the title track off their upcoming record “Breathe In Colours”. Watch the music video below.

The song/album title is inspired by the band’s vocalist Maja Shining. She recalls her experience with colours as a teenager: “The album title was born from an experience, I had as a young teenager, where I started wearing all black and a friend of my mother’s suggested that I wear more colours. I told her that it’s just an aesthetic preference and she replied that it was okay “as long as I remembered to keep the colours on the inside”. At that time I thought, it was the stupidest thing I’d ever heard since wearing black clothes doesn’t automatically mean you’re sad inside. Despite thinking that, her words stuck with me and I was able to have it make sense in a new way much later in life. For this album, it’s an affirmation that even though the world sometimes seems cold and grey, there is still colour and kindness to be found, but in order to see it, we first have to find the colours on the inside.”

The song is taken from the band’s second studio album “Breathe In Colours” featuring 10 new songs and 2 bonus tracks. Inspired by “two of the most influential cyberpunk works of all time, Blade Runner and Akira”, the album has a strong cyberpunk/dystopian atmosphere with “more electronic and raw sound”. Maja continues: “Instead of looking in, we turned our focus to the world and saw it in a state of change. It somehow reminded us of the dystopian cyberpunk future, we’d seen in books and movies when we were kids, where megacorporations own our governments, the world is on the verge of ecological collapse and humanity is fleeing into cyberspace building walls around themselves and closing their eyes to the horrors of the real world.” 

“Breathe In Colours” will be available as a jewelcase CD and digitally on March 29th via Nuclear Blast. Find more details including the first single “Rew1nd” and album tracklisting here.