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Delain – Hunter’s Moon (Full EP)

Listen to “Hunter’s Moon”, the brand new material from Dutch symphonic metallers Delain. “Hunter’s Moon” is the final piece in the band’s trilogy consisting of EP “Lunar Prelude” and their fifth studio album “Moonbathers” from 2016. The EP features not only four new songs but also ten live tracks recorded during 2017’s one-of-a-kind “Danse Macabre” tour with a very special guest Marco Hietala of Nightwish. The record includes a Blu-Ray with a special performance filmed at Tivoli Vredenburg in Utrecht. “Hunter’s Moon” is Delain’s first studio material with a new drummer Joey de Boer who joined the band in 2018. Moreover, for the first time in the band’s career, we can hear songs written by the band’s guitarists Merel Bechtold – “Art Kills” – and Timo Somers – “Silence Is Mine”. You can stream the record in its entirety below.