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Noora Louhimo unveils new solo single

Noora Louhimo, best known as the vocalist of Finnish powerhouse Battle Beast, unveils the second single off of the debut album of her solo project Noora Louhimo Experience. Listen to her take on “Piece Of My Heart” below.

Noora Louhimo Experience takes you on a crazy space journey, where the Milky Way is filled with soulful blues rock with country influences. For the first time ever, Noora shows the most honest, naked, soft and raw side of herself. She shares her innermost with you, so you can see and hear what made her cry, laugh or rage.

Following “Eternal Wheel Of Time And Space“, “Piece Of My Heart” is the second single off of the upcoming album “Eternal Wheel Of Time And Space”, due out March 5. The worldwide album release live stream show has been scheduled for March 19. The show will be a colorful sensation of soulful blues-rock with country influences performed by twelve headed orchestra. You can get your tickets here.

Noora on the song: “”Piece of My Heart” was originally made known by Janis Joplin (my biggest female idol) in 1968 and originally first released by Erma Franklin in 1967. This song is super important to me and I believe it has changed my life forever. When I was 19 and heard of Janis and this song the first time – my head just exploded. I realized I wanted to be like her by the spirit and have the same rasp in my voice as she did. She was the reason I got my rasp! And whenever I’ve performed ”Piece of my heart” during this past decade – something amazing has happened to me. For example, I got picked in Battle Beast because of this song. Let’s see what happens this time.”

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