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Noora Louhimo unveils debut single of her solo project

Noora Louhimo, best known as the vocalist of Finnish powerhouse Battle Beast, unveils a debut single of her solo project Noora Louhimo Experience. Listen to “Eternal Wheel Of Time And Space” below.

Welcome to the magical space trip to Noora Louhimo Experience! NOEX will take you on a crazy space journey, where the Milky Way is filled with soulful blues rock with country influences. For the first time ever, Noora will show you the most honest, naked, soft and raw side of herself. She will share her innermost with you, so you can see and hear what made her cry, laugh or rage. With outstanding cover art and graphic design by her beloved big brother Pekka V. Louhimo, she will show you what the world of Noora Louhimo and NOEX is like.

The vocalist is about to release her debut solo album in March 2021 but you can already watch the video for the first single “Eternal Wheel Of Time And Space” in the meantime:

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