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Red Eye Temple – Patterns (Lyric Video)

Red Eye Temple unveil a lyric video for “Patterns” off of their just-released debut album “Vortex”. Listen to the track featuring Dragony’s Siegfried Samer on vocals below.

Originally hailing from Siberia, Russia and currently residing in Austria, Red Eye Temple is the new project of siblings Maria, Mat and Sam. Conceived from their shared love of rock, the music of Red Eye Temple is heavily inspired by the works of progressive rock & metal bands from the 1980 ties up to now and covering a broad spectrum of sounds. Mesmerizing guitar riffs and intricate bass parts framed by the versatile and unique vocal style of frontwoman Maria.

On their debut album “Vortex“, the band lyrically tackles psychological and philosophical themes, with a focus on deep psychology and the study of Carl Gustav Jung’s „Archetypes“ as well asmetaphysical aspects of religion and philosophy. Dragony singer Siegfried Samer appears as a special guest for the song “Patterns”. Red Eye Temple’s one-of-a-kind combination of progressive, heavy music with thought-provokinglyrics is sure to entice fans of rock and metal alike.

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