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Wishmasters – Afterworld (Music Video)

Czech symphonic metal band Wishmasters presents an explosive music video for the title track of their new concept album “Afterworld”. Watch it below.

The journey of Wishmasters is rather an interesting one. Originally a Nightwish tribute band, Wishmasters were founded in 2007. Seven years later, in 2014, the band decided to take a big step ahead; they set up a recording studio and released a debut album titled “Beatrice”. In early 2018, the former vocalist Iveta Aman decided to leave the band unexpectedly, and Italian vocalist Shirley Tracanna was soon introduced as the new voice of Wishmasters.

In November 2018, Wishmasters released their second studio album titled “Afterworld”. The album takes you on a magic-filled journey to the future where the world as we know it no longer exists. Although, there’s still hope; her name is Shi and she’s waited for this moment for nearly 300 years. Now, the time has come. Let her final quest to save the world begin.

You can stream “Afterworld” in its entirety here. The explosive music video for the title track is available below.