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Evanescence are heading to Europe & ready to start writing a new album

What’s in store for American megastars Evanescence for the rest of 2019? Continue reading to find out where they’ll be touring, and when to expect a new album from them.

In 2017, Evanescence released “Synthesis” album featuring recreations of their most famous songs with orchestral arrangements and electronic elements. Promoting their newest work, the band soon embarked on Synthesis World Tour, for the first time accompanied by a live orchestra on stage. The tour included 82 concerts in total; 60 concerts across North America, 4 concerts in Oceania, and 18 concerts in Europe. The show in Connecticut on November 3, 2017, was captured for “Synthesis Live” material that came out on CD, DVD and Blu-Ray in November 2018.

Finishing off the Synthesis touring cycle, the band went heavy again for a short spring tour in the States this year. This is what their show in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on May 14 looked like:

If you missed them live earlier this year, don’t be sad. The band has announced a few festivals and headlining shows in the US for the summer, and they’ll be returning to mainland Europe and Russia in September.

Evanescence team intends on jumping straight into the writing of a new record, a follow up of their 2011’s self-titled album. The vocalist of the band, Amy Lee, has shared some words on the new material in recent interviews. “This is sort of like a creation year for us,” she revealed for Sirius XM. The plan is to “get together and start the writing process for a new album” in between the scheduled shows.

Talking to Consequence of Sound, Lee said: “We’re ready to start writing a new album now, and we really wanted to get back to our roots before going down that path. The orchestra thing was so beautiful and so different. It made us really grow in different directions and work in a way that was outside of all of our comfort zones until it got comfortable. But up was the new down. So, we wanted to get back to the heart and root of our sound as a band and start playing together to get in the mood for the next thing.”

As for the direction of the new tracks, she revealed for the same online magazine: “I don’t know what it’s going to sound like, but definitely coming off of doing that very epic and beautiful orchestral thing, we’re ready to at least begin the process from a very raw, more aggressive place.” She added: “I’m excited to start out from our raw, live-minded place where we are right now. I think feeding off the energy of these shows right now and going right into a short writing session to start off will be really cool.” 

So when can we expect new Evanescence music? “Hopefully, next year,” says Amy in an interview with Sirius XM, adding: “We’re just gonna get together and see what happens this month, and start doing that more regularly until we feel like we’re ready to do it.”

Don’t miss Evanescence in Europe this September. See the dates below: