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Seven Kingdoms Release “Barracuda” (Heart) Cover, Announce New Album

Florida-based power metal quintet Seven Kingdoms released their latest video this week – a cover of the Heart classic, “Barracuda”. They also announced details for their upcoming album, “Empty Eyes”.

Earlier this year, Seven Kingdoms drew us in with their catchy “Game of Thrones”- themed jams. We’re pleased to see there is more forthcoming from the band : check out their latest video, an electrifying cover of Heart’s iconic “Barracuda”:

The band also noted that they will release the album independently. From August 9th to September 13th, they will host a crowdfunding campaign on If you’d like to support the release, stay tuned to Seven Kingdoms’ Facebook page for the link and the latest details.

“Empty Eyes” full tracklist below:

1) Empty Eyes
2) Monster
3) The Water Dance
4) Valonqar
5) Barracuda (Cover)

Cover Artwork: Bo Bradshaw