Venom Prison to release “Samsara Guitar & Bass Tab Book”

Guitar maniacs, pay attention. British death metallers Venom Prison are about to release “Samsara Guitar & Bass Tab Book” which is a very special item in the days of Guitar Pro and other tabulature editor softwares.

Earlier this year the UK based death metal outfit released their second full length album “Samsara” which shows even more raw, aggressive, hateful side of the band, compared to their debut. They zeroed in on songs’ dynamics and balance, using melodic moments to create contrast in order to maximize the listener’s perception of brutality. Lyrically, the songs are more personal to the band’s vocalist Larissa Stupar, revealing her personal sufferings and rebirth situations.

Now every song of the album tabbed out over 200 pages. Both guitars and bass in tablature. Including photos by Jake Owens.


Megillus & Leana
Uterine Industrialisation
Self Inflicted Violence
Deva’s Enemy
Asura’s Realm
Sadistic Rituals
Implementing The Metaphysics Of Morals

“Samsara Guitar & Bass Tab Book” is available for pre-order here.