Burning Witches announce new album

All-female heavy metal band Burning Witches announce the release of their third studio album. It’s titled “Dance With The Devil” and will come out on March 6 via Nuclear Blast Records. See more details below.

The band comments: “The 3rd album is, of course, a very important one but we felt very comfortable with that pressure, the band was a strong unit writing and recording the new songs.”

“Dance With The Devil” is the first Witches’ album with their new vocalist Laura Guldemond after the former vocalist Seraina Telli decided to leave the band for personal reasons this summer.

Just as on their previous albums (2017’s “Burning Witches” and 2018’s “Hexenhammer”), the album has its sorcerous theme. Witches explain: “The idea behind “Dance With The Devil” is inspired by the famous Walpurgis night, the saga of the gathering of the witches in the middle ages! We thought this magic showdown on the Brocken mountain symbolically stands for strength and the friendship of the band, that’s why it’s the perfect title for the new album!”

 More details to follow.

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