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Wicked Asylum to release new album in February

Italian all-female heavy metal band Wicked Asylum will release their debut album “Out Of The Mist” in February. See more details and watch a video for the first single “Split” below.

Wicked Asylum was founded in 2009; since 2015, with a new shining line-up, they hit the stage on numerous stages in Northern Italy and Europe. In 2016, they released their first EP “Rebirth” and two videos, “In My Soul” and “Silent Watchers”. In December 2018, a crowdfunding campaign for their debut album reached 150% of the initial goal. Wicked Asylum’s debut “Out Of The Mist” will be out on February 21 via Volcano Records & Promotion.

“Working on this album and all its promotion, preparation, crowdfunding campaign has been one hell of a ride! We now are so near to finally show you more than a year of hard work and sweat,” says the band.


01. Haze
02. Sold(ier)
03. Bleeding Rust
04. Split
05. Threnody
06. Sun Will Rise
07. Out of the Mist
08. Choke and Die
09. The Meadow of Sins
10. Maze

The band chose “Split” to be the first single off the album and shot a video that talks about mental illnesses for it. You can watch it below:

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