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Live review: Visions Of Atlantis (Nuremberg, DE) – February 29th, 2020

When Visions of Atlantis announced Wanderers Tour 2020 I was immediately interested in where they were going to play and who will be their support bands. And I didn’t even have to search for the information. Everything was available in the announcement: Morlas Memoria from Dresden, Germany and Chaos Magic from Chile. „Damn“, I thought, „a band from Chile doesn’t come to Europe every day.“. As for, Morlas Memoria, I already knew them from an Eluveitie gig in Dresden last year and liked them. And, of course, Visions of Atlantis… So this made 3 good reasons to travel to Nuremberg on February 29th.

I arrived at the location – a club called „Der Cult“, early. Last time I was there dates back to September 2018 when I went to see Infected Rain. But little if anything had changed since then. And I was lucky to show up early as the first band of the evening, Morlas Memoria entered the stage and started their show half an hour earlier than planned. Many times the support bands have a smaller audience than the main act (what I find a pitty as it does injustice to the support bands) but this time this phenomenon was not as distinct as I’ve seen it on other occasions. And one could almost grab the passion that was displayed on stage. And when they played „Mine of Pictures“, the vocalist Leandra gave me goosebumps with her vocals. The biggest compliment I can give. And if you are a fan of operatic vocals, I can highly recommend this band.

After a short refit of the stage, it was Chaos Magic’s turn. More and more people came in and joined the crowd. And people were getting really into it. Good atmosphere, this is what people want at a concert. And the audience got it. Caterina Nix and her bandmates gave everything to deliver a good show. With songs like „I am Your Cancer“, „Furyborn“, „Bravely Beautiful“, „Like Never Before“, I dare to say it was a really good show. Unfortunately, time was running fast and their part of the show was over sooner than I was hoping for.

Soon enough, Visions of Atlantis entered the stage one after another and the audience was on fire. And we had a lot of fun. Not only because of the jokes they made. Michele and Clémentine interact in a way… they are not playing a role, they live their music. They completely dive into it. And the other band members do so, as well. You can feel the insane energy which carries over to the audience. It is hard to not get involved. Every time they encouraged the audience to get a little more active, my voice got worse and worse… And in the end, I had to stop cheering and growling and enjoyed the rest of the show as a silent spectator.

Out of the 13 songs on their latest album „Wanderers“, they played 8 songs completed by „New Dawn“, „Book of Nature“, „The Silent Mutiny“, „Ritual Night“, „Memento“, „The Deep and the Dark“ and „Passing Dead End“. After this song, the band briefly left the stage but I had a feeling the show was not complete yet. „Return To Lemuria“ was still due. Nevertheless, the audience shouted „One more song, one more song,…“ and my suspicion was right. The band came back to the stage. But what I didn’t expect was what was going to come. A song that sounded strangely familiar but it took a second to recognize it. It was „In and Out of Love“, a song composed by Armin van Buuren with Sharon den Adel from Within Temptation on vocals. I wanted to hear a metal version of this song since I first heard it, and Visions of Atlantis just delivered that. Just let me tell you this: I had goosebumps. And again, that is the biggest compliment I can give. As I assumed, the show was closed with „Return to Lemuria“. And what can I say? I am looking forward to seeing them again.

-Written by Ralf Hartung



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