Sanne Mieloo parted ways with Nemesea

The vocalist Sanne Mieloo has parted ways with Dutch alternative metal band Nemesea. Read her statement below.

In their early era, Nemesea used to be labelled as a symphonic gothic metal band, often compared to After Forever. Over the years, going through artistic growth and style changes with each record, Nemesea’s songs became more rock-oriented with strong electronic elements, dark vibes and powerful female vocals in the spotlight of their refreshing musical blend.

Mieloo joined Nemesea in 2017 after the founding vocalist Manda Ophuis left the band in 2016 to focus on her education job with highly gifted children. You can hear Sanne’s vocals on one Nemesea album – “White Flag” released in August 2019.

Mieloo has announced her department through social media:

“Hello everyone,

I have decided to leave Nemesea. After giving everything we had, many times, over and over, cause we really wanted it to work, we found out that working together is not an option anymore. I am forever grateful for what we have accomplished and for everything I have learned. I am still very proud of our album and will not look back in resentment, but as a beautiful period in my life. I was welcomed with open arms by the Nemesea fans and I will never forget that. Thank you.” 

She also ensured her fans this is not the end of her musical career, as well as for Nemesea: I will keep on making music and so will Nemesea. I wish them all the best.” 

Stay tuned for more information from Nemesea.


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