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Secret Rule release a special cover album

Italy-based metal band Secret Rule drops a new cover album today. Shortly after the release of their latest studio album “Against”, they release “Quarantine: The Other Side of Us”. Special guests are Roberto Di Blasio, doing the growls on Arch Enemy’s hit “War Eternal” and Nicola Corrente who sings the male voice on the Taylor Swift cover “Look What You Made Me Do”.

The band states on their social media: „This album has been thought, worked, played, mixed and mastered in two weeks, we wanted to release something special in this damned period, we hope it can be an amulet for your future!“

01.  I’m not afraid  (Eminem cover)
02.  The bitter end (Placebo cover)
03.  Back to black (Amy Winehouse cover)
04.  I think I’m paranoid (Garbage cover)
05.  Devil in I (Slipknot cover)
06.  Mad World (Tears for fears cover)
07.  Look what you make me do (Taylor Swift cover)
08.  Twisted (Skunk Anansie cover)
09.  Gets me through (Ozzy Osbourne cover)
10.  The swan song (Within Temptation cover)
11.  War Eternal (Arch Enemy cover) BONUS TRACK

The album is available on Secret Rule’s website and will be on other digital platforms in the following weeks.


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