Danielle Evans presents new black metal project Stridskvinna

US-based vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Danielle Evans founds a new black metal project Stridskvinna.

Evans unveiled her new project shortly after disbanding black/death metal project Automb with Scott Fuller (Morbid Angel, Annihilated etc.) on drums. Together, they released two full-length albums “Esoterica” (2018) and “Chaosophy” (2020) with Evans on vocals, bass and keyboards. 

In Stridskvinna, Evans will hold the position of vocalist, bassist and guitarist. Joining her on drums is Scott Fuller again. She says: “Expect mainly black metal with a mix of other stuff.” 

And what does Stridskvinna stand for? Evans explains the meaning behind the project name: “Stridskvinna translates from Swedish to “battle woman” in English. All of us, as people (not just women), have our own battles to fight – whether they are small or big & life changing. I want people to know that they have the strength in them to achieve, conquer and get through anything, even if it doesn’t feel like this.” 

Stay tuned for more updates, new music is on the way. 


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