Illumishade to stream album release show

Illumishade, the new project of Fabienne Erni and Jonas Wolf, announce the live stream of their debut album “ECLYPTIC : Wake of Shadows” release show. See the details below.

illuIllumishade is the new project from Eluveitie singer Fabienne Erni and guitarist Jonas Wolf. Besides Erni and Wolf, Illumishade wouldn’t be complete without Mirjam Skal (synth, orchestrations), Yannick Urbanczik (bass) and Marc Friedrich (drums). The project launched on January 1st of this year and already released 3 singles which are now followed by the entire concept album on May 15th! The album comes alongside a whole new fantasy world that allows everyone to connect and escape not only musically, but story wise as well.

Unfortunately, the band was forced to cancel the original release show in Zurich on May 22nd due to the ongoing ban of events, but they’ve quickly come with an alternative. On May 23rd at 8pm (CEST), Illumishade will perform the official release show live on stage and stream it to everyone’s homes over YouTube! The band: “We are excited to still be able to play a live show and can’t wait to celebrate the upcoming Album Release with everybody (digitally).”


Illumishade’s debut titled “ECLYPTIC : Wake of Shadows” will be released in around 10 days on May 15th as planned. The digital presale of the album has already started on iTunes/Google Play/Amazon Music as well as in their online store.





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