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Illumishade – Eclyptic: Wake Of Shadows (Full Album)

The day has finally come and people all over the globe can jump in the world of Illumishade with both feet and enjoy it to the fullest. Fabienne Erni and Jonas Wolf’s new project (along with Mirjam Skal, Yannick Urbanczik and Marc Friedrich) presents their debut album “Eclyptic: Wake Of Shadows” in which listener dives into a unique conceptual fantasy realm that extends beyond musical dimensions. Heavy riffs, touching ballads and epic orchestral landscapes along with a deeply felt vocal narration of the story will drag you into a tribal universe you won’t wish to leave. And if you miss Erni’s vocal partner and Eluveitie leader Chrigel Glanzmann, worry not; he’s part of this piece of art, too. You can enjoy the album in its entirety below.

Purchase your copy of “Eclyptic: Wake Of Shadows” here.

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