Charlotte Wessels launches Patreon page and releases first solo single

Charlotte Wessels of Dutch symphonic metal band Delain is on Patreon! Moreover, she has unveiled a debut solo song via the platform. Read more below.

“I’ve been wanting to create this space for years,” says the vocalist and songwriter of one of the most popular Dutch bands. She continues: “I write all kinds of songs in all kinds of genres that obviously don’t all make it into Delain’s album cuts. I’d be sad if these songs piled up on a hard drive somewhere without anybody listening to them.” Charlotte intends to release a brand new song every month, crafted in her home basement studio called “Six Feet Under”. However, “the production of the songs may get fancier as this thing grows (choirs! orchestras! singing llamas!),” she admits. Next to music, it’s also writing and painting she loves, which will find its way on her Patreon, as well.

Besides being a place to share her art of all kinds with the world, the platform should help Charlotte establish a closer connection with fans but also make the process of putting out new songs way faster: “I feel very privileged that music has made up my entire professional life, but one frustration over these last fifteen years has been the long journey it takes to get music from musician to listener, and the long and confusing journey it takes for income to make its way back from listener to musician.”

The first single titled “New Mythology” is already available for her patrons. You can become one here.

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