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Kalidia drops new single “Circle Of Six”

Italian power metal band Kalidia unveils a brand new single. Listen to “Circle Of Six” below.

Last year, the band signed a deal with Inner Wound Recordings and released their second studio album “The Frozen Throne”, produced, recorded and mixed by Lars Rettkowitz (Freedom Call) and mastered by Achim Kohler (Primal Fear, Amon Amarth, Brainstorm). Music on the album is inspired by classic power metal bands like Rhapsody of Fire, Hammerfall, Stratovarius and new bands like Beast In Black. “The Frozen Throne” with 11 killer tracks came out in November, and now, not even a year later, the band presents a brand new song.

They say: “Originally planned as a bonus track for our latest album, we are now excited to present you our single ‘Circle of Six’! Inspired by the book ‘The Dwarves’ by Markus Heitz, the song features a tasteful melodic guitar solo by Lars Rettkowitz (Freedom Call) who also produced and mixed “The Frozen Throne”. And who better than dwarven master Claudio Falconcini (Cosmic Nest Studio) from Wind Rose to design the artwork of a dwarven portal?” 

For more information about the band and their latest album, read our interview with Kalidia vocalist Nicoletta Rosellini.