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Trees Of Eternity’s Aleah Starbridge is remembered through a new lyric video

Watch a beautiful lyric video for “Inverted Enlightenment”, taken from Trees Of Eternity vocalist Aleah Stanbridge’s posthumous double album.

When Aleah Starbridge passed away due to cancer in April 2016, at the far-too-tender age of 39, the South Africa-born singer left behind her a small yet potent musical legacy, a raft of unfinished material, a huge potential, and an unforgettable presence that continues to resonate across the metal scene.

Aleah Starbridge was taken soon after the recording of Trees Of Eternity’s debut album “Hour Of The Nightingale”, which was released posthumously six months later. Before her tragic passing, she had recorded a number of demos for a proposed solo album, now lovingly brought to fruition by Juha Raivio of Swallow The Sun and released as an eponymous double album of acoustic and solo material under the name Aleah. By turns, intimate, lush and enchanting, it’s a scenic journey through emotional hinterlands that feel both deeply personal and a sacred passing of folk memory.

The album will be released digitally via Svart Records on Aleah’s birthday, July 1, and with various physical editions to follow soon. In the meantime, watch the illustrated lyric video for “Inverted Enlightenment” below.

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