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Infected Rain guitarist Vidick joins forces with Fabienne Erni for a debut solo single

Another Kind is the name of the new solo project of Infected Rain guitarist Vadim “Vidick” Ozhog. Today, he unveils the debut single “Defrost” featuring Swiss vocalist Fabienne Erni (Eluveitie, Illumishade). Listen to it below.

Vidick on the new project: “Over the years I was dreaming to start one more project where I could create music in different genres and with different musicians. And now it’s time to start this project. Please welcome Another Kind.” 

“I spent many days working on this song and the video and I am super excited to finally show “Defrost” to all of you,” he continues. “And if you like it and you want more,  you can support Another Kind on Patreon. “

Fabienne Erni adds: “I am so honored and happy to be part of this song! Thank You Vidick for inviting me, I had so much fun!”

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