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Raven Black – Hear Me Cry (Music Video)

Michigan’s theatrical metal act Raven Black presents a gloomy music video for “Hear Me Cry”. Watch it below.

Instead of her characteristic evil doll look, the vocalist Raven Black pushes her appearance even further, revealing the emo/gothic side of her. The new look and overall atmosphere of the video go hand in hand with the song’s powerful message. She comments on the heartrending new piece: “”Hear Me Cry” is about the chaotic and deeply disturbing thoughts when I once attempted suicide. The inner battle of wanting to give up and yet wanting to fight and change your own life. The personal psychosis and finally calling out for help, which ultimately saved my life. This song hopefully inspires those who struggle with suicidal thoughts to speak up and seek help. Someone is always ready to help. Suicide is not the answer. You can change your life and you can survive.”

The song is taken from Raven Black’s upcoming third studio album “The Key”, due out later this year. Raven says: “This is our dark, black album – there’s a lot of serious content behind some of the lyrics.” Stay tuned for more details.


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