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Lyria – Run To You (Music Video)

Brazilian symphonic metal band Lyria releases a music video for their song “Run To You”, taken from the latest offering “Immersion”. Watch it below.

Touring Southern Brazil, a magical-looking forest caught Lyria’s attention. In the middle of a busy day, it was decided that the video for “Run to You” would be recorded in Curitiba (Paraná), in that very special forest. Amid the beauty of nature, the song that talks about finding strength in overcoming obstacles, support to move on, develops. The song is part of the album “Immersion”, released in 2018.

“We were already thinking about recording a video for “Run to You” and that was the opportunity. We were on tour and our previous show was in a city in the interior of São Paulo. We slept in a city in the middle of the road and, the next day, we left early for Curitiba to record and do the show. As we would only have two hours to record the video, since we had to go to the concert hall, Run to You was the best option. In this clip, we show a romantic side of Lyria and the connection with nature,” says Aline Happ, Lyria’s vocalist.

The release of the video “Run to You” consolidates Lyria’s work, showing the versatility of the alternative symphonic metal band from Rio. The video is the fifth to be released by the band for the album “Immersion”, which includes clips for “Hard to Believe”, “Let Me Be Me”, “The Rain” and “Last Forever”. The lyrics of the song were written by Aline Happ in partnership with Patrick Happ, and talks about a relationship between two people whose main point is the partnership and equality between them. The song reveals a romantic side of the band, being one of the main ballads of the second album, “Immersion”.

One of the greatest names in Brazilian metal, Lyria is formed by Rod Wolf (guitar), Thiago Zig (bass) and Thiago Mateu (drums), in addition to Aline. Founded in 2012, the band became known in Brazil and in countries in Europe, North America and Latin America already on their debut album, “Catharsis” (2014), released via crowdfunding. Currently, the band continues to release extra and unpublished materials on its official YouTube channel, in addition to participating in online festivals during the quarantine.

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