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Live review: Null Positiv (Annahütte, DE) – October 10, 2020

On October 10th, I finally drove to the long awaited concert/fan meeting with Null Positiv. When I arrived at the Clubhaus Annahütte, it didn’t take long until I was greeted by familiar faces. It felt like a family reunion. When I entered the venue wearing a mask was obligatory and taking pictures was strictly prohibited that evening, but I can live very well with that. It makes it way easier to concentrate on the show and relax. I saw more familiar people as I headed for the merch table. I met Michael Roob, the manager of Null Positiv. Coincidentally it was his birthday, so I handed him over his gift. That is one of the many things I like about Null Positiv and their shows. You do not feel like a fan. You feel like a family member. 

When the support band entered the stage to start their show, Elli Berlin, vocalist of Null Positiv came out of the backstage area and welcomed some fans personally, followed by a small talk about this and that. I used the opportunity to finally hand her over a very much belated birthday gift, which she happily accepted. But it was soon time for her to to put on her stage clothes and not long after that the show finally started. Not surprisingly, the band kicked the night off with „Freiheit“, the first song of their new album „Independenz“. Despite the fact that the little „flame thrower“, the same that Elli wields in the music video, didn’t work as it was supposed to, it was nevertheless a befitting entrance performance. The crowd was so eager for the show, you could almost physically grab the atmosphere. It was a bit strange to not hold a drink while standing in front of the stage due to obligatory masks but nevertheless, it was an overwhelming feeling. 

Of course, Null Positiv introduced a new stage program with their new album. This also comes along with new costumes. And you might be surprised that some costumes were designed by a close fan. That is another fact that lifts Null Positiv above several other bands: the intensity of interaction with the fans and how they are at times even engaged in their work. 

And as the show carried on, I realized something about the setlist. Not only did it include several songs from each album /EP („Neue Matrix“ and „Turm der Angst“ from the album „Amok“, „Koma“, „Labyrinth“, „Wo Rauch ist ist auch Feuer“ and „Haß“ from the album „Koma“ and „Kollaps and „Friß Dich auf“ from the EP „Krieger“) the set also contained the complete (!) album „Independenz“. The breaks between the songs were never too long or too short. Changing costumes didn’t take long for Elli, so the crowd didn’t lose enthusiasm. And after the „final“ song was played, the crowd shouted „one more song“ and it didn’t take very long till Flo, the drummer, reappeared on stage and took his seat at the drums. And the crowd was on fire. With two more songs being played the show came to a glorious end. All in all, it was an all-round successful evening. I can only recommend: Whenever you get the chance to see this band live, go for it!

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