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Manuela Kraller reveals first Alanae material

Manuela Kraller, best known as the former vocalist of Xandria, releases her debut solo music under the name Alanae. Watch the video for “Return To Elements” below.

Kraller started her musical career in a Swiss band Nagor Mar and as one of the live soprano vocalists of German symphonic metal band Haggard from 2008 to 2010. The vocalist joined Xandria in 2010 and recorded one studio album with them titled “Neverworld’s End” released two years later. She parted ways with them in 2013 to pursue a different career. In October 2018, Kraller revealed the news that from now on, she will be appearing in the world of music as Alanae. Alanae creates symphonic music combined with ethereal and powerful vocals. Her music is influenced by New Age, soundtrack, Celtic, medieval and world music. The music video for the debut single “Return To Elements” is out now. Following the video premiere is the release of 2-track CD featuring “Return To Elements” and “Hometree”.

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