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Ann My Guard premiere new single and video “Furia”

Alternative metal formation Ann my Guard have released their first single and music video from the upcoming fourth album “Furia”. Watch the video for the title track below.

The song is pure, raw, energetic and furious: an honest representation of what 2020 means for most of us. Comments the vocalist Eszter Anna Baumann: “Furia is the stepchild of mourning, loneliness, anxiety and unhealed wounds, born in the first weeks of quarantine on a lonely evening. The subject itself has become quite prophetic, as I don’t think there is a person today who would not be mentally hit by the current situation in the world. The question is how much we talk about it and whether we can process this trauma together or not. The worst thing we can do is feeding this monster within ourselves, which later destroys us in an unexpected situation and in an unexpected form. With this song, I want to show people a mirror to dare to face our fears, because if we can find this demon and if we can tame it, there is a possibility for us to start a new chapter in the world, much stronger and wiser.” 

The full album “Furia” featuring six songs will drop December 4. See the cover and track listing below.


4.Child’s Play
5.The Mourning

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